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Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method 


The Parent-Teacher-Student Triangle

In both Suzuki and Traditional methods, the role of the parent or caregiver is crucial to the success of the student's progress. The parent’s role is much more intensive in the Suzuki method. The parent is expected to attend every lesson and take notes. They become the “home teacher” and are expected to actively participate in their child’s practice, reinforcing concepts learned in the lessons.

Private Lessons

The teacher, student, and parent meet each week for an individually-focused lesson -one child at a time. While one, two or three children may be present at the same lesson, the teacher's violin instruction is focused on one child while the other children and parents observe quietly, learning from the instruction. The length of the lessons may vary depending of the number, age and skill level of the children in the lesson, being from 30 to 90 minutes. Listening skills, posture, rhythm, and tone are developed. At home, the parent works with the child on daily violin practice and listening throughout the week.


Essential to the Suzuki Method are group lessons, where students listen to one another play, interact musically, work on violin technique, play musical games, learn theory skills, and learn locomotor skills. Group lessons are part of the regular instruction. Other activities such as concerts, recitals, and workshops are also part of the program.

Music Theory 

Music Theory lessons allow children to read and write music notation, to understand how music works and to hear and read is merely a means to an end - music students should be able to use their music theory skills to play their instrument in a more informed manner and to compose their own music.

Recommended Ages

Because of developmental differences in young children, Suzuki violin teachers recommend that children begin studying between the ages of two-and-a-half and six years old. Admission into the program may require a short meeting between the parent, child, and teacher to determine whether the program is what you and your child need. Additionally, parents receive training on the Suzuki philosophy and approach. Contact us to request more information.

How to Begin

Most Suzuki teachers recommend that parents and children observe a Suzuki lesson before registering. For further details on how to attend violin lessons and details describing the Suzuki Violin program, go to our contact page.

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