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Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We at the Suzuki Institute are committed to continually developing the personal and musical gifts, as well as the love for music, of each student in an on-going learning experience.

What We Provide

•   Teachers who are excellent musicians, well educated, experienced, compassionate, dedicated to the success of all students at the school, and excited to work with you and your family.

 •   An administrative staff that allows teachers to focus on studio teaching. For the convenience of parents the office provides many common supplies available for purchase and instrument rentals when applicable. 

 •   A collaborative group of teachers who provide ideas, support, and education for one another.

 •   Collaboration between teacher, student, and parent to implement individualized programs based on the unique needs of each family and child, which allows for a self-paced learning environment.

 •   Information and advice on the purchase and/or rental of instruments and other associated equipment.

 •   Recitals and community performances.

 •   Opportunities for group classes, festivals, and other training programs such as the Carnegie Hall Royal Achievement Program may be available dependent on your instrument and instructor.

Family Responsibilities

In order to receive the most benefit from your experience at the Suzuki Institute School of Music it is important for you to understand how to best to join us in an ongoing partnership of learning.

•   Understand the policies of the school including policies related to make-up lessons, payments, recitals and concerts, group classes, and parent education.

•   Practice regularly at home, which may include parental involvement depending on the age and ability of the child.  Attend lessons and take notes, recordings, and videos as needed to help with home practice.

•   Listen regularly to assigned recordings as well as a wide variety of classical and other styles of music.

•   Attend and participate in studio events and recitals.  Stay for the entire event to provide support and encouragement for other families and students, and to benefit from hearing other levels of students and repertoire.

•   Attend live performances in the community.

We encourage you, as a parent, to partner with us in the development of your child’s musical education.   Please feel free to contact us with any comments or concerns you may have.  We value our relationship with you and look forward to our continued partnership.


 Dr. Joyce Mizer, Director of Education, Suzuki Institute   

Encouraging Growth through Music


 children can be well educated...
—Shin'ichi Suzuki