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Recitals, solo & groups

1By joining the Suzuki Institute School of Music community, students & their families get the support they need to develop skills and musical interests and achieve personal goals.

Our Young Artist Recital performances afford opportunities open to all Suzuki Institute students. Students of all levels enjoy sharing what they are working on and performing for their families and friends.


2 Master Class students will perform for an instructor who will provide feedback for improved performance. Equally fun and informative for performers and audience members alike! As an audience member, you’ll have the opportunity to observe Institute students make new choices in their repertoire and enhance their abilities.

Free parent classes and workshops for parents of students enrolled in Suzuki Violin are available. Workshops are led by our faculty members and designed to familiarize parents with our approach, curriculum, repertoire and practice techniques of each program in an interactive way. Th is is a great opportunity to meet with faculty, ask questions about your child’s program and progress, and experience your child’s musical journey for yourself.


Music festivals offer a great setting for parents and friends to hear their child’s accomplishments by a judge. Adjudicators compile positive comments explaining how the piece can be played. Students and parents have a specific day and time to play. Students are expected to play selections picked with your teacher. Participation in festivals is an option. Students participating enjoy the experience.