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Suzuki Violin, Guitar, Viola, Cello

fcc432e26f813c43d37c778dd85b50f6Features of Our Violin program Include:

  • Violin Group lessons
  • Music Notation & Theory Instruction
  • Recitals & Performance Opportunities Through the Year
  • Parent-Help Meetings to Maximize Your Child’s Music Learning

During a child’s first semester of Suzuki violin lessons, the parent will develop a rudimentary understanding of the violin. The child observes and participates in those lessons. After that introductory stage, the child becomes the main focus of the lessons.


Guitar Instruction Includes

  • weekly guitar lesson
  • music theory levels and awards
  • ear training
  • music reading
  • guitar ensemble
  • multiple recitals

Materials Needed:

  • classical guitar footstool
  • Suzuki guitar book and CD
  • appropriately sized, quality instrument

Guitar Lesson Schedule:

  • classical guitar footstool
  • Suzuki guitar book and CD
  • appropriately sized, quality instrument

What instruction Involves:

It is essential for there to be teamwork between student, parent, and teacher to maximize results. A high level of commitment is necessary from all three individuals in order for the student to learn effectively.
Practice is required. Parent involvement includes attendance during lessons and regular home practice.

VIOLA_PIXViola Instruction at the Suzuki Institute

Our Institute Viola lessons deliver some of the finest viola lessons in the Sarasota area. We present repertoire and technique in new and exciting ways. Instruction is offered for both children and adults. We teach the Suzuki violin methods.

From the first day of lessons an emphasis is placed on core fundamentals. Students continue through the viola curriculum learning significant repertoire, all the while addressing the fundamentals necessary for all levels of performance. Institute viola students also learn how the viola relates to the fine arts programs.

Training in theory, ear training, sight singing, technique, and history begin early in lessons.

Highlights of our Suzuki Viola Lessons

  • Comprehensive viola education including performance classes, theory, technique, ear training, recitals, masterclasses, performances, competitions, and association of music with the rest of the arts
  • Fun engaging viola lessons with the best teachers in the region

Personalized curriculum achieving the best possible learning conditions