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Traditional Piano, Violin, Flute, Voice


36790968-classical-pianoEach student will receive personalized, expert instruction on piano. Our primary focus is to teach traditional piano apart from the Suzuki structure. Our teaching philosophy combines the fundamentals of notation, theory, and ear training while engaging students through music that speaks to their individual tastes.


Girl Playing the ViolinThe main attention is focused on the violin hold at the beginning because the position is so unnatural. Traditional instruction for string instruments is for ages 4 and up. Traditional string instrument students (violin, viola, cello, bass) take one private lesson (30, 45, or 60 minutes) per week during the school year. Students are encouraged to participate in their school orchestras. Participation in school recitals, concerts and summer enrichment music classes is encouraged.


Flutist playing flute music instrument playerStudents who begin private study beyond age 9 or 10 will have the option of a more traditional approach to lessons For example, a student may come to lessons with very clear feelings about repertoire choices that differ from the Suzuki repertoire. Another may be well established in a tonguing style that differs from Suzuki pedagogy (which was influenced by the French style and differs from the traditional American style.

Another family may conclude that it would be impossible for the parent to attend lessons. Our goal as teachers is to meet the needs and assist the growth of each student and family in the way that works best for all.


Group Of School Children Singing In Choir TogetherTraditional voice lessons have been based upon an operatic sound, and while that is desirable sometimes, not everyone wants to sound like an opera singer. We focus on the latest research into the science of singing, giving you the most effective exercises to give you the sound you want in any style. Learn the importance of proper breathing, how to reduce tension, create great tone, and find high and low notes with ease.
We currently recommend weekly voice lessons for students who have or are going through puberty. For younger students, we recommend a more fundamental music course combined with some singing exercises. We find that knowledge of the basics of music is much more important at an early age and believe voice lessons can be overdone with young children. Contact the Institute for additional information.