Music into Art

give shape and color to the music you see

Here is the challenge:

Create a new work of art (painting, drawing, sculpture, 3D) that is inspired by a piece of music you are learning with your teacher at Suzuki Institute. To create this, close your eyes and listen to a good recording of the piece, or just close your eyes and imagine what it makes you think of as you play it. Listen, listen again... what do you see in your imagination that the music seems to be reminding you of? Is it a place? A story? A person? What colors and shapes do you see? Start drawing and painting and creating as you listen to the music.

We will look for effort, imagination and originality.

The basic rules:

  • The art must be connected to the music the student is currently learning with their teacher

  • Art must be original and created by the student alone

  • Use any medium -- e.g. ink, coloring pencil, oil, watercolor, or 3D material

  • Put the artist's name and also the name of the music piece it is inspired by, on the painting/art (as a part of it or on the back, if you'd rather do that)

Bring the original art into the school office and submit it by

Extended Deadline
Friday, March 6


We will display student entries and award special prizes to the winners at our Honors Gala Concert

Sunday, March 8, 2:30 pm
Art Avenue Gallery, Westfield Siesta Key Mall

Happy daydreaming!
We can't wait to see what our talented students will come up with!

Questions? Please come by the office, or email us.