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Annual Awards and Recognitions
Graduation Ceremony

Graduating Senior

Arik Katz, Piano

Arik Katz is graduating from Pine View High School. While at Pine View he played the piano for jazz band and is a National Merit Finalist. 

Arik is also a member of the USA National Swimming Team, having competed in both national and international competitions. He will be swimming for Harvard University in the fall. 

Congratulations, Arik! Bon voyage and thanks for sharing your love of music for all these years!

6 years Practice award Sophia.jpg

Six Years of Practice without missing a day

Sophia Korman, Violin

Congratulations, Sophia, on your outstanding dedication to learning music!


Festival awards/recognitions

Awarded to participating students

Elysee Adams-Toglia Moderately Difficult 3 Superior and 15 point Gold Cup

Sebastian Kirby.  Elementary 3 Superior and 15 point Gold Cup

Elina Goncalves, Elementary 2, Superior

Eyla Lim Wilson, Elementary 2, Superior

Mihir Mehta, Primary 4, Superior

Mirai Mehta, Elementary 4, Excellent

Meera Nair, Difficult 1, Superior

Federico Hradek.  Medium.   Superior and 30 point Gold Cup

Joanna Nolt    Elementary 4.  Superior


Alana Schreibman    Musically Advanced 2. Superior and 60 point Gold Cup


Royal Conservatory Etude and Repertoire Series of Study:
Sebastian Kirby, level 3
Olivia Twarowski, level 3
Simon Yochum, level 6
Elysee Adams Toglia, level 7
Emma Burd, level 7

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Graduation Certificates

Awarded to students completing significant levels of study


Sawyer Haenel Twinkle

Lila Lavezzoli Twinkle

Lennon Boos Twinkle

April Johnson Twinkle

Bianca Grebing Book 1

Tanae Brown Book 2

Reagan Hunink Book 2

Anna Kim Book 3


Book level

Mayhaan Patel, from on-staff to Book 1A

150 Day Club.jpg

150 Day Club Trophies

Awarded to those who have practiced at least 150 days over the course of the year

Julia Brown

Sarah Brown

Abby Kennell

Bianca Grebing

Shail Sastry

Jackson Bitsoff

Samantha Dolan

Lila Lavezzoli

Evangeline Wong

Amirah Graham

Regina Samgorodsky

Mirai Mehta

Mihir Mehta

Meera Nair

Anna Droval

Eyla Lim Wilson

Tanae Brown

Elina Goncalves

Will Crump

Thomas Chiasson

Liam Morris

Kali Wynn

200 Day Club.jpg

200 Day Club Trophies

Awarded to those who have practiced at least 200 days over the course of the year

Annelise Kummer

Anna Kim

Isabella Maria Paoletta Award

Alana Schreibman, Piano

Presented to the student who embodies a love of music, a dedication to her art and an enthusiasm for life. In memory of our student Isabella Paoletta (2004 - 2019).

Alana Schreibman is graduating from Pine View High School. During her time at Suzuki, she has earned top honors in Festival and Student Day events, including the 60 point Gold Cup for Festival. She has been accepted into the audition only All-State Choirs, including the elite Sight-Reading Choir. 

Alana was a finalist for the National Security Language Initiative for Youth and served as the President of the Chinese Honor Society. She also played for Pine View's varsity tennis team. Alana will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.
<< See a special video profile of Alana at the Suzuki Institute

Isabella Award Alana.jpg
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