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Violin, Viola Lessons

We teach using the Suzuki as well as traditional methods and our students range in age from children as young as three years old to adults and retirees. All skill levels, from beginner to advanced have a special place in our studios with our talented and deeply-experienced teachers.

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All our violin, viola and cello lessons are individual, one-on-one with a teacher. In addition, students in the Suzuki curriculum have the opportunity to join group rehearsals where learning is reinforced and important skills are developed. There, students learn to play in an ensemble, develop personal and musical camaraderie with other students and perform in our own Suzuki violin ensemble.


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Suzuki Institute String Ensemble












The Suzuki Method

From the first day of lessons an emphasis is placed on core fundamentals. Students continue through the curriculum learning significant repertoire, all the while addressing the fundamentals necessary for all levels of performance. Training in theory, ear training, sight singing, technique, and history begin early in lessons.


During a child’s first semester of Suzuki-based lessons, the parent will develop a rudimentary understanding of their instrument. The child observes and participates in those lessons. After that introductory stage, the child becomes the main focus of the lessons.
We also offer traditional instruction for students who are older or have already been learning string instruments using that method.


Features of our strings program include:

  • Individual and group lessons

  • Music Notation & Theory Instruction

  • Recitals & Performance opportunities throughout the year

  • Parent Help Meetings to maximize music learning

Our Institute viola lessons deliver some of the finest viola lessons in the Sarasota area. We present repertoire and technique in new and exciting ways. Instruction is offered for both children and adults.


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