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Cello Lessons

We teach using the Suzuki as well as traditional methods and our students range in age from children as young as three years old to young adults, adults and retirees at all skill levels. New students join us every year to study under the careful nurture of our deeply-experienced teachers.


All our cello lessons are individual, one-on-one with a teacher. In addition, students in the Suzuki curriculum have the opportunity to join group rehearsals where learning is reinforced and important skills are developed. There, students learn to play in an ensemble, develop personal and musical camaraderie with other students and perform in our own Suzuki strings ensemble.


Click below for a video excerpt of the
Suzuki Institute Cello Ensemble



Features of our cello program include:

  • One or more 30, 45, or 60 minute music lesson each week;

  • At least two recitals per year;

  • Advanced training for the serious student;

  • Experienced instructors who have extensive professional performance background;

  • Ear training;

  • Theory instruction;

  • Private adult instruction

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