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Piano Lessons

Piano lessons offer our families the highest level of music education available with your and/or your child’s best interest at heart.

In addition to teaching music to children, we also instruct adults and seniors. Features of our program include:

  • One or more 30, 45, or 60 minute music lesson each week;

  • At least two recitals per year;

  • Advanced training for the serious student;

  • A wide network of experienced instructors which enables us to skillfully match your family with a music teacher of your preference;

  • An extensive library comprised of classical, seasonal, popular, and gospel and other music;

  • Ear training;

  • Theory instruction;

  • Private adult instruction








The Royal Conservatory Program

The Royal Conservatory is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world. Operating for over 130 years, The Royal Conservatory continues to translate the latest thinking about creativity into inspiring programs, benefiting millions of individuals around the world. Their mission – to develop human potential – is based on the conviction that the arts are humanity's greatest means to achieve personal growth and social cohesion.


We at Suzuki, are proud to be an Examination Center for The Royal Conservatory and prepare students for the RCM Certificate Program.  This Program is a comprehensive and effectively sequenced program of music study and assessment, beginning with the Preparatory level(s), followed by levels 1 to 10, and concluding with the Associate Diploma of The Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT). At each level, students receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successfully completing a Royal Conservatory examination.  A Licentiate Diploma of The Royal Conservatory of Music (LRCM) is available for piano.


Students from Tampa and Central Florida join our local student body to participate in these practical piano, practical violin and written theory exams annually.  They receive world-class, well-rounded musical training, learn to hone their musical skills, play independently and nurture a lifelong appreciation for music making. 


Did you know?

  • The RCM Certificate Program is considered the "gold standard" in many countries for its ability to develop high-caliber musical literacy.

  • Each year, more than 30,000 teachers motivate more than 500,000 students to participate in music making.

  • The program has been proven to be a powerful tool for developing children's intellectual, social and creative potential.

  • With a focus on nurturing creativity and developing self-confidence, the program allows students to work at their own pace.

  • The program motivates students, helps them set and achieve goals and instills a sense of accomplishment as they complete each level.

Video profile -- piano student Alana with teacher Laura Miller
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