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Family Responsibilities
  • Be prompt and prepared and bring materials to each lesson. Don't forget your instrument.
  • Practice is required for progress. Teachers will inform students and families of the amount of time recommended for each child.
  • Parent participation is essential to the Suzuki method of teaching. Students should practice regularly at home, which may include parental involvement depending on the age and ability of the child. Parents may be expected to attend lessons and take notes, work with recordings and videos as needed to help with home practice.
  • Attend and participate in studio events and recitals. Stay for the entire event to provide support and encouragement for other families and students and to benefit from hearing other levels of students and repertoire.
*Parental agreement:
I understand that the above are essential components of my child's music education and success and agree to work with the school in creating such an environment during lessons and at home. 
I agree to monitor the progress of my child’s lesson and follow up at home consistently.
Makeup Lessons
The school officially allows only one makeup lesson per semester for a missed session with advance notice given to the teacher. Teachers are not expected to accommodate requests beyond that.
Group Lessons
Prices include group classes each semester for those enrolled in guitar and Suzuki violin lessons.
The school must be given 30 days notice to withdraw from lessons. For a child, notice must be given to the office in writing by the parent or guardian.
Email Communication
The school will send important notices regarding registration, payments, calendars, recitals, emergencies, and other topics via email. It is important for families to read communications from the school and keep the school updated on current email addresses.
Payments and Billing
Our billing is based on a yearly tuition price broken into ten installments for the academic year, from August to May. Please note, monthly tuition is NOT calculated by the number of weeks in any month and billing for each month is the same all year.
  • Billing is on a monthly basis, spread over the entire academic year. Students pay the same tuition amount each month or per semester, regardless of the number of lessons attended within any given month.
  • All financial transactions are conducted through the school’s office.
  • Monthly tuition is due either at the beginning of the month or the 15th, as you schedule. Tuition received more than 5 days after the due date will incur a $10.00 late fee.
  • Summer lessons are purchased by the number of lessons and summer tuition will be due on or before June 1 for the summer.
Photo and Video
We take photo and occasional videos to document the interactions of students and teachers, especially related to our concerts and recitals. These are sometimes posted on our website and used in online marketing. Families need to inform the school in writing if they do not wish to be included in any photo/video related to the school's events and activities.
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