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Suzuki Institute online group violin lessons

Kayla's violin lesson

Claudia Birdsall watches and listens..

Photo Credits: parent Mimi Rillo

Yenesis shows the way!

with Dr. Joyce on the other end..

Photo Credits: parent Dolly Hiller

Alexia ready for piano

Teacher Mary Healey is connecting online

Photo Credits: parent Lorraine Ladish

Laptops--a great way to go!

The finer points explained virtually..

Photo Credits: parent Andrea Mihalyffy

Kayla's violin Lesson

Good listening; great job, Kayla!

Photo Credits: parent Mimi Rillo

Juliya shows she loves piano

and delights her teacher Nikki Lachambre

Photo Credits: Nikki Lachambre

Annelise invites Bob Birdsall

into the family 'library' for violin!

Photo Credits: parent Julie Kummer

Music art in the making

Luca's moment captured in shadows

Photo Credits: parent Andrea Mihalyffy

Jasmine meets Melissa

We're so proud of you, Jasmine!

Photo Credits: parent Jessica Wizenberg

Reagan finds her groove

Proof that distances need not matter..

Photo Credits: parent Joan Hunink

Luca at home

connects with Bob Birdsall online

Photo Credits: parent Andrea Mihalyffy

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